Metcalfe still earning $100K as D.C. office director despite living in CA


Guam – Earning over $100,000 a year including benefits, Margaret Metcalfe was originally tapped to become the Governor of Guam’s director at the Washington, D.C. office. A reliable source tells PNC, that upon visiting the office of the Governor in DC last week, they have learned that the office has been closed for quite some time now.

The National Governors Association, in its most recent member directory published on August 13, 2018, lists the Washington Office for Governor Calvo at Suite 619 of 444 North Capitol Street. It also lists a contact number for Margaret Metcalfe as 202-434-4855. PNC has attempted to reach the number three times, and received an automated message stating the call cannot be completed.

A review of the funding request for the Government of Guam’s FY2019 budget lists the mission statement, goals and objectives of the Washington Office of the Governor of Guam which may be best summarized by a quote from Governor Calvo issued in December 2017 when he was soliciting a lobbyist in Congress: “We need to have a constant and consistent presence; people who are able to track conversations, voice our objections, and inject our concerns and solutions into the discussion before new policies are cemented.”

While Metcalfe is not listed as a director for the Washington Office, she is listed in the current Adelup staffing pattern as special assistant, costing taxpayers $102,530 a year with benefits.

Adelup has previously stated that the titles of executive director and special assistant can be used interchangeably.

The day after the National Governors Association published the contacts of her apparently defunct D.C. office, Metcalfe was seen testifying at the San Jose City Council. She opposed a proposed development out of concerns that her ability to do business, generate income and ultimately her livelihood, would be threatened. Metcalfe was later interviewed for a Bay Area newspaper, The Mercury News, where it was further reiterated, that she lives in the Bay area.

What exactly is the responsibility of the governor’s D.C. director? PNC reached out to the Governor’s former Washington director,  J. Rick Perez, who told us exactly why having a physical presence in the nation’s capital is vital.

“If someone is not physically present most of the year in the National Capitol Region to work as the Washington, D.C. Director and Inter-governmental Affairs Director, Guam will be negatively affected because in order to carry out the responsibilities of this job, the director needs to make his or her presence known with Senate staff and House staff, and have rapport with officials in the executive line agency community such as the Pentagon, DOI and other organizations,” he said.

Late this afternoon, Governor’s Communications Director Oyaol Ngirairikl, confirmed for PNC that Metcalfe is still serving as the governor’s director for the D.C. Office.