Michael Castro’s mom comes to grips with her son’s murder

Michael Castro was last seen on October 29 and was last seen operating a beige 2013 Lexus bearing GLP# BR 2703. (Facebook photo)

Melanie Castro Guerrero, the mother of Michael Jose Castro, is now coming to grips with the reality that her son is never coming back.

Melanie had never given up hope and continued to search for her son since he disappeared eight months ago.

Today, Melanie learned the hard truth that her son is dead, the victim of murder, as confirmed by a joint news conference held by the Attorney General’s Office and the Guam Police Department.

Melanie is hurting. But at the same time, she has now accepted the reality of her son’s death.

In an announcement on her social media page after learning of her son’s death, Melanie posted:

“Today I know every mother on our island can feel a sense of my pain, the reality that my son Michael Jose Castro was murdered and he isn’t coming back home alive. I had to cope every day the last 8 months not knowing for sure information surrounding Michael’s disappearance and its accuracy. Today I know. Today our island knows my son Michael is deceased.”

Melanie said she can be filled with anger and emotions of hatred and no mercy, but then she’d be just like the people who had no mercy for Michael the night he was taken.

“I thank you – ALL the people who brought my son Michael’s case to where it is now. I love you all and I pray for each and every one of you who continue to stand for the JUSTICE that our island expects and entrust in your hands.”

She added: “I hope that as Michael’s case moves forward, I ask and reach out to those who may know where Michael’s remains are, please I plead with you, I beg you to give me and my family the peace we need to give Michael a respectable resting place. PLEASE choose to make the right choices NOW is the time to do so. God Bless us all…”