Micronesia Mall Hosts Candidate Meet and Greet


Guam – Island residents had the opportunity to meet the candidates over the weekend at the Micronesia Mall.




 This Saturdays candidate forum was hosted by K57’s very own Ray Gibson. It was set-up as an informal meet and greet forum that allowed residents to get up close and personal with both Democratic and Republican candidates for senator. Republican candidate Vic Gaza said, “I think it’s fantastic i’d like to thank the Micronesia Mall and of course Sorensen for putting this thing together quite a number of people out here today and it’s been successful it’s encouraging to know that people are interested in the candidates and what we have to offer,.

 Incumbent Senator Tina Muna Barnes says that it was an excellent opportunity for people to come out and meet the candidates in a more intimate one on one basis. “It’s a time where folks in the mall are doing their shopping can come and meet the candidates first hand and come and talk to them ask them any questions so for me i think it’s a wonderful gathering and i want to take the opportunity to thank the mall managers for giving us the opportunity to meet and greet our people of Guam for free,” said Senator Barnes.

 Residents were also able to meet the candidates for attorney general as well as the gubernatorial team of Calvo-Tenorio. The Gutierrez Aguon team also had representatives at the event.