Micronesian Fair A Feast of Island Foods, Culture


Guam – The 23erd Annual Miconesian Fair has drawn thousands of island residents to Ypao Beach Park this weekend to take in the sites and sound, but most of all the flavors of our region.

The theme of the Fair this year is “Celebrating The Tastes of Micronesia.”


The Fair features foods and crafts, dances and music from Yap, Pohnpei, Palau, Kosrae, the Marshell Islands and the Marianas.

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Registry gets a boost from fair


By Laura Matthews • Pacific Sunday News • October 17, 2010

Representatives from the office of Sen. Ben Pangelinan were at the 23rd Guam Micronesia Island Fair yesterday, taking the names of people eligible for the Decolonization Registry.

The fair wraps up today at Ypao Beach Park in Tumon.

“Our goal is to register individuals, but also to continue to raise awareness and consciousness for the registry to be completed in order for us to move forward in the decolonization plebiscite,” said Pangelinan, who’s running for re-election. “This is our effort and our contribution.”

The 23rd Legislature created the Commission on Decolonization and made it responsible for the implementation and exercise of Chamorro self-determination. The commission set a date for a plebiscite in which Chamorros could vote on a preference for political status — statehood, independence or free association. The plebiscite has yet to be held.

The commission also is tasked to collect a registry of people who meet the definition of Chamorro — those who were made U.S. citizens by the Organic Act of Guam in 1950 and their descendants.

In 2008, there were more than 10,000 people registered under that definition, according to Pacific Sunday News files. The total number of Chamorros on the registry must be equivalent to at least 75 percent of all registered voters. This year, the Guam Election Commission has 49,811 registered voters, which means the registry would need more than 37,000 people.

“We’ve been doing this now for a couple of years and we continually push,” said Pangelinan, who is running for re-election. “If we meet it, it will mean that we will have, then, the opportunity to move forward in setting where the Chamorro will be in the future. We all have a place in this world, no matter what size we are.”

Frank Cruz, from Barrigada, registered more than a year ago. He said it pleases him to see the senator and his representatives are taking an active role in trying to add more people to the Chamorro registry.

“I say it’s about time. I think just having a place where people can go sign up isn’t enough,” Cruz said. “You have to go out to reach the people. We’ve been talking about self-determination for a long time and nothing is happening.”

The fair is a way to bring all the Micronesian islands together to share their different cultures. The theme this year is “Celebrating The Tastes of Micronesia.” The participating islands are Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian, the Republic of Palau, Yap, Pohnpei, Kosrae and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Representatives from each of the island showcased their food, dances, dress and arts, which captivated both tourists and locals who were in attendance. Traditional methods of food preparation also were displayed.

Herman Semes, a business adviser from Pohnpei, said he has been attending the fair for years and keeps coming back not only for business, but also the island experience.

“It’s very exciting and it’s a good time to bring everybody from the islands to enjoy the Micronesian spirit,” Semes said. “Off-islanders can appreciate how island people live and the products we live on.”

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Everyone who is registered voter here should qualified and Guam Chamorros permanently residing elsewhere should not vote, they don’t know the problem we are facing. Most of them, demeans Guam.
10/17/2010 10:32:48 AM

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TinyIsland wrote:
Man, I’d LOVE for Guam to be independant. Love it. Oh, Chommoros wouldn’t since most would fall into severe poverty due to the un-restricted greed and power that would make for a 1% rich / 99% poor scenario (like most 3rd world countries), but I would. At least the major work force would not have to worry about insurance issues, pay raises, or taxes since there would BE no major work force any longer. Now let me try and remember the story of Pandora’s Box…
10/17/2010 10:22:14 AM

User Image
proposition 19 is on the november ballot in california to repeal the marijuana prohibition.should it pass it will mark an historic in american history.the federal government declares it will uphold federal statutes.indications the proposition will pass through majority vote.

how will the federal government resolve this conundrum? the uninformed will marginalize the supporters of this bill.however this is bigger then dicrinmating against mexicans and gays.everybody likes to get high,it knows no socio-economic,religious or ethnic boundaries.truly from the people.

what will be the governments course of action.?

guam isnt part of the union.the natives only need to free their minds.the united states relinquished absolute power back in the 60’s when the first native governor was elected.
10/17/2010 9:37:47 AM

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bushcutter wrote:
senator pangelinan should not try to getting votes from this fair-the decolonize register is a good idea so that guam could promote the self determination but what does that have to do with the yaps and chuks in the picture at the fair??stop trying to use this fair for votes senator ben and help us get our self determination.this will not happen with the help of the micronesians and they will not helped us at all.
10/17/2010 7:35:37 AM

User Image
We need to get our self-determination issue to the fore. Constitutionality is NOT a legal barrier – our right to self-determination preempts the document. Both the US government and the United Nations recognize the continued colonization of Guam. We never invited Spain, Japan or America to be our overlords. Remember, the Organic Act confers limited citizenship upon our People. Public education is easy, all we need is focus to develop an unbiased explanation of our options. There will be a period where everyone gets the opportunity to support a specific course – then the critical vote. Let’s not delay this important decision any longer.
10/17/2010 6:49:43 AM

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