Micronesian Resource Center offers free services to immigrants


Guam – The Micronesian Resource Center spoke to Rotarians about the services they are offering to new immigrants to Guam.

The MRC is a project of the Big Brothers / Big sisters of Guam organization that provides a one-stop shop to help immigrants acclimate to life on Guam. MRC caseworkers and cultural mediators Edimund Wengu and Action Aiashy say that their services aren’t only for new immigrants to Guam but also for any immigrants who may need assistance.

“Our biggest one is what we call a welcome to Guam orientation. It’s a arrival orientation. We give them the barebones basic information of getting started on Guam, how to navigate through organizations, government systems, applying for water. Sometimes we don’t apply for water back in the islands. Power, healthcare needs, we also help out with identification issues,” said Wengu.

“The services we offer are completely free which is something that gets overlooked at and people kind of step back and hesitate to come to us thinking that everything they need help with they have to pay. But that’s something we want to kind of push is that we provide everything for free. Our services are completely free to everybody and anybody especially to our fellow FSM/FAS families. Let them know that we are just there for them,” said Aiashy.

The MRC is funded by the U.S. Department of Interior.