Military team assists Chuuk in post-Wutip recovery

Photo from Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Office

As part of the 2019 Pacific Partnership mission to the islands, a multinational team aboard military sealift transport USNS Brunswick arrived in the Lower Mortlock Islands in Chuuk, FSM this week to support recovery efforts from the aftermath of Typhoon Wutip.

Before landing in Chuuk, the team visited the Marshall Islands as part of their post typhoon outreach activities.

As part of their mission, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief professionals worked
with local experts to help develop local response capacities and help them prepare for future disaster scenarios.

Engineering teams worked on construction projects and medical personnel conducted health care activities with local medical professionals.

Royal Navy Capt. Paddy Allen, director of mission for the partnership said the team has an adaptable mission, agile platform and amazing expertise that allows them to bring together a network of partners where and when they are needed.