Minority senators not invited to Governor’s meeting with lawmakers

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

The Republican minority was not invited to take part in the Governor’s meeting with Democratic lawmakers over the weekend … and that has frustrated GOP Senators like James Moylan.

Moylan has been stumping for immediate unemployment benefits to be paid to the thousands of island workers who’ve been without paychecks for weeks.

He has introduced Bill 350 to do that, using up to $20 million of the $117 million in federal relief funds that GovGuam now has.

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“My suggestion, $800. The governor wants to do more, great. The governor wants to do less. OK. But do something. If the governor has to balance it, then tell us. Tell us what you’re doing. But what we’re not being told is why can’t we use some of this money now for the people of Guam who are fighting for food on their table,” Moylan said.

Tomorrow’s emergency session has been called to override the Governor’s veto of Bill 333, a measure introduced by Sen. Therese Terlaje that calls on the Governor to provide the legislature with details of how she plans on using all that federal relief money.