Missing Pages From Gutierrez-Aguon Finance Report Stirs Controversy


Guam – Two pages are missing from the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign’s contributions and expenditures report but they say it must be due to political sabotage. In a release the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign state “we know that the opposition has recruited Republican operatives from the mainland who specialize in these sort of dirty tricks and these people are already on the ground.”

At first the Gutierrez-Aguon team thought the missing pages may have been a simple clerical mistake either made by themselves or by Guam Election Commission staff members. However, Gutierrez-Aguon Campaign Treasurer Jon Jr. Calvo says they reviewed their records and found that they had indeed turned in a complete report. “Now that we were able to factor out that it was not an accident it’s safe to say that partisan politics may be playing a role in the scheme of things here,” he said..

 Calvo gave PNC news a copy of the report stamped received by the Guam Election Commission. The report was not missing any pages.. So what of these mainland Republican operatives the Gutierrez-Aguon team is talking about? “With regard to that, I think one of the examples we can use is Jason Osborne who has made himself known to local media who used to work in the mainland for a Republican Alaskan candidate and now he’s on Guam just after the arrival of Michael Steele and now we believe he’s working here as an operative,” said Jon Jr. Calvo.

 Calvo-Tenorio campaign chairman Mike Benito on the other hand says this is completely false. “Jason Osborne came from the Republican National committee. He helps out with Republican camps as all camps do. Is he an operative? No. Is he a consultant? Yes. And by the way he’s not even here.” 8:21

 Benito says these types of accusations are something they’ve come to expect from the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign. “You know Carl Gutierrez and Frank Aguon they’re seasoned politicians and for their camp to even suggest that, is unfortunate because I think that our camp has been very forthright,” said Benito.

 Meanwhile the Guam Election Commission has issued a response in which GEC executive Director John Blas says after a thorough review they have come to a conclusion that the missing pages are due to an error by staff members. Blas says in his letter that the pages were probably lost during the photo copying process and are not missing because of sabotage.