Mixer on Nov. 10th to bring local and military small businesses together


A small business owner on Guam who is in the military will be holding an event that she hopes will bring military and local small business owners together while raising money for pregnant women who are in need of assistance.

Guam – Januarie Strong is a Doula, which is a trained professional who provides continuous physical emotional and informational support to a mother before during and after childbirth. Strong will be holding a networking mixer on November 10th called “Women’s tribe rising above together”.  One of the goals is to get military small business owners and local small business owners to collaborate and communicate more effectively.

“My mission is basically to get everybody together from different economical, different cultural, different religious backgrounds together under one roof and literally talk about how to build how to empower and how to network within our small business group,” said Strong adding, “It’s 60 dollars for businesses or anybody who actually really wants the full experience which is four hours of networking unlimited wine and food and basically promoting your own stuff so you can actually bring your goody bags like your teas or any of your business with you so people can see what you have to offer and see if we can actually collaborate with that and bring it out to the community or in the military community.”

80 percent of the proceeds will be donated to Xokiahicares inc. and will help provide things like formula and maternity clothing to pregnant women who are in need. The event will be held at Tu’re in hagatna on November 10th. For more information you can email strong at virtuouswomandoula@gmail.com.