MMI Calls Calvo-Tenorio’s FCC Complaint “Baseless”


Guam – Marianas Media Investors [MMI] released the following statement in response to the Calvo-Tenorio Campaign’s filing of 2 FCC complaints against CW4:

“Marianas Media is aware of two baseless FCC complaints filed by Tom Fisher. It is clear that the Calvo campaign is making CW4 and Guam News Watch a target of their campaign’s attacks, however Marianas Media will not give in to such long-standing tactics of fear and intimidation.

It is also obvious that Mr. Fisher, who is paid by Senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio as the Legislature’s minority legal counsel, as well as the legal counsel for the Calvo-Tenorio campaign, and partner of Naoko Shimizu, the wife of Ray Tenorio, filed these complaints with clear and malicious intent to damage MMI’s reputation as his complaints are without any merit.

While Calvo-owned KUAM espouses freedom of the press and defends it vigorously when they feel KUAM’s rights are violated, Marianas Media understands that freedom of the press is a right that protects our entire community and we will stand by our mission to report a broader perspective of news than has been covered in the past.

We will continue to cover the news we believe is in the best interest of our island community, even if it exposes issues that make certain individuals or powerful families uncomfortable.

Unlike KUAM which was fined $2,000 by the FCC in the late 1990s for failing to report a change in controlling interest when the Calvos took control of the station from UMDA, these claims against MMI and our television station are baseless and without merit as MMI offers no free advertising or production to any political campaign and has not denied any political campaign the opportunity to advertise with our station.”