MMI Welcomes GMA Compromise Over Debate Coverage


Guam – Marianas Media C.O.O. John Dela Rosa has issued the following statement with reference to the compromise worked out by the Guam Medical Association regarding the Calvo-Tenorio team’s reservations about participation in Wednesday night’s GMA Debate.

The statment in full reads:

The goal of tomorrow’s event is to help all Guam families make a very important decision on election day.

The CW4 and the Guam Medical Association have invited the Pacific News Center to join in on the coverage in order to broaden the reach of the message from the candidates. And PNC has accepted our invitation to cover the event in its entirety and rebroadcast at a later time.

We’ll both be there, along with K57, the PDN, and Marianas Variety.

We hope you join us, tomorrow night starting at 6 oclock on Channel 4.

It’s now up to the candidates to fulfill their duty to you, the families of Guam.

John Dela Rosa – MMI C.O.O.