VIDEO: Mobil, Shell & 76 Boost Unleaded Price by 10-Cents to $4.88 a Gallon


Guam – Mobil boosted the price for a gallon of unleaded 10-cents Tuesday night to $4.88 cents a gallon.

By mid-day Wednesday, Shell had followed suite, raising its price by the same 10-cents. 76 followed soon after and now all 3 island fuel suppliers have mirrored each other,  as they usually do, in less than 24-hours.

“I believe that gas shouldn’t even be that much because on base it’s a dollar cheaper,” said a frustrated customer who wished to remain nameless. Another person at the pump said, “It just makes life harder now you know you’ve got to be conscious of it and save that extra cash.”

 Today’s increase was the first one of the year. as is customary none of the fuel suppliers issued advanced notice or an explanation of their price raise.






Mobil raises its gas prices by 10 cents to $4.88 a gallon just around 9 pm tonight .