Mobil, Shell & 76 All Drop the Price of Unleaded 10-cents to $4.63 a Gallon


Guam – Mobil, Shell & 76 today [Thursday] dropped its price for unleaded by 10-cents to $4.63 a gallon.

Mobil was first to drop its price this morning, followed by Shell and 76 this afternoon.

This is the first drop in gasoline prices this year, a year which has seen six 10-cent price increases and 7 price hikes overall.

Today’s 10-cent price decrease comes ahead of a Legislative round table on the high cost of gasoline. The round table was called by Senator Dennis Rodriguez for next Tuesday.

South Pacific Petroleum Corporation [SPPC], the owners and operators of 76 gas stations, has declined to join the round table citing the need to keep pricing decisions confidential.

Mobil and Shell have yet to respond to Senator Rodriguez’s request for their input.