Modified senior citizens hot food program kicks off

Mayors Council Executive Director Angel Sablan (PNC file photo)

It was day one of the modified senior citizens’ hot food program on Guam.

The Division of Senior Citizens within the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) has been advised by its home-delivered meals vendor that due to operational challenges, some areas of service for home-delivered meals to homebound seniors are being rerouted for pick up at designated senior citizens centers.

Angel Sablan, the executive director of the Mayors’ Council of Guam, says there are over 1000 registered seniors in the program.

He says around 600 usually come into the senior centers for congregate meals. Another 500 are part of the homebound program and have their meals delivered to their residences.

The modified version of the program now allows congregate meal participants to pick up their food from the island’s 12 senior centers or three adult daycare facilities.

If they can’t get there, the meals can be delivered to their homes.

Sablan says they’re working out the kinks but the meals would be ready for pick up around noon. And home deliveries would begin around 11 am.

He says the modified program will run for as long as it takes.

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“As long as the stay-at-home executive order from the Governor, we’ll continue…whether she extends it, we’ll follow whatever her orders are. This is a nutritional meal that they get daily, but for some of these seniors who have in fact confided in us, sometimes it’s the only meal of the day that they have. So it’s very important that we get them some nutrition, every day, in any way that we can. We just can’t let them down,” Sablan stressed.

If you are a senior that is not registered in the program but would like to be, Sablan says you should call your mayor to give them your information.

Case management staff will then contact you to follow up on the registration.