Mom and Pop Stores Open for Last Minute Needs Ahead of Typhoon


Need water, tape, or batteries ahead of the typhoon? Try your neighborhood store

Guam – Stores throughout the island have been busy with residents purchasing supplies for their storm preparedness kits.

Many neighborhood “Mom and Pop Stores” plan to stay open as long as they can tomorrow to serve their customers but they’ve also had to make their own preparations. Angel Market Owner Charles Bressie says he has the generators ready to run at the agana heights store to make sure frozen items and other perishable goods stay cool.

He also made sure the store has a full supply of basic necessities such as batteries and water. In addition to those items he says customers have also been stocking up on snacks, sodas, and cigarettes ahead of the storm.

Bressie and his wife Ann have been running Angel Market for the past six years.