Moms talk about Mother’s Day and their experiences of motherhood

Moms Jenny Luces and Elizabeth Jones (PNC photo)

For this Mother’s Day, PNC had the opportunity to talk to two phenomenal working mothers about their experiences of motherhood.

Jenny Luces was the first to be interviewed and is a proud mother of two—with her oldest daughter aged ten and her son aged four. During the pandemic, Luces is currently juggling at-home learning with her children and working at the Department of Public Health.

Though Jenny said that motherhood comes with its fair share of challenges, she believes that there is no greater privilege than raising and loving her children.

“They help me feel like, you know— life is wonderful, and it’s not always about tiring work and stressful—it’s all about when I see them, I just feel their love. I just feel like it’s all worth living for! I’m complete, and they make me complete!”

Jenny believes in the importance of mothers finding time to love and take care of themselves as well. Jenny does this by creating videos for her Youtube Channel and hopes that it can inspire her children to be hardworking, multifaceted, and passionate. For Mother’s Day, Jenny plans to celebrate safely with her family at home.

Shortly after, PNC had the opportunity to interview Elizabeth Jones, who is an inspirational mother to her seven-year-old daughter. Jones is currently stationed in Guam with the US Army.

When asked about the most challenging aspect of being a mother in the military, Jones shared that being away from her daughter is the most difficult part. However, Elizabeth says that she realizes that she is setting an excellent example for her daughter— and hopes that she feels empowered to be a multidimensional woman and accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

When asked about what the most rewarding aspect of motherhood is, Jones stated:  “I’d say the number one most rewarding aspect is watching her grow—from a baby to seven years old— it’s just been wondrous! The things that she’s learned, all the things that she is still learning, her personality is coming out, and she so silly and playful—and now that she’s getting older, we can actually do things and hang out, and she always wants to do that, so it’s nice knowing that you kind of got a little best friend.”

Jones also plans to celebrate Mother’s Day with her family safely, either enjoying the day at the beach or adventuring outdoors!

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