Monkeypox Poses No Risk to the Community Says Public Officials

Department of Public Health and Social Services (PNC file photo)

Currently – Monkeypox is no risk to the community – public officials affirm.

In a recent media briefing held by the Department of Public Health and Social Services – Public Health Officials commented on the recent Monkeypox positive case.

The traveler that was positive for the virus was isolated and therefore presents no risk to the community, assures Public Health.

According to Dr. Annette Aguon, Administrator of the Bureau of Communicable Disease Control, Guam has the vaccine for Monkeypox and could order more if the island needed to.

Currently – as per CDC recommendations, the vaccine is targeted for known or presumed contacts with a confirmed case of Monkeypox or those who have occupational risks like lab technicians.

Monkeypox is a virus that usually spreads through skin-to-skin contact and direct contact with someone that has rashes, scabs, or bodily fluids or touching objects that an infected person has touched.

Dr. Ann Pobutsky, Territorial Epidemiologist said, “So Monkeypox and the big scheme of things are, the community risk is low and it’s certainly nothing like the COVID pandemic.”

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