Moore was arrested for the murder of missing Michael Castro

A joint news conference was held by the Attorney General’s Office and the Guam Police Department. (PNC photo)

Nicholas Wayne Moore, the man arrested by the US Marshals Task Force and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, is accused of murdering Michael Castro, a missing man who was last seen on Oct. 29 of last year.

In a joint news conference held by the Attorney General’s Office and the Guam Police Department, AG Leevin Camacho confirmed that the warrant served on Moore was for the murder of Castro.

A missing person complaint was filed by the mother of Castro on Sunday, November 8, 2020, and according to GPD, Castro was last seen operating a beige 2013 Lexus.

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GPD Chief Stephen Ignacio implied that they may have found the body of Castro, saying: “The missing person has been located, again, that’s part of the ongoing investigation. And so, like the chief prosecutor said, you know, we don’t want to release too much information at this time.”

But he also said that GPD would not confirm that a body was found. “Like I said, though, we’re not disclosing any details as to the body,” the GPD chief said.

Ignacio did confirm that the Castro case has been changed from a missing person case to a homicide investigation case and that Moore’s name came up as part of the investigation.

“That’s part of what we do when we investigate … we look at who the associates … Moore’s connection to this case is more beyond a person of interest that you see now that we brought a warrant, and so you know it’s just part of the investigative process in developing information and gathering evidence that leads us to where we’re at,” Ignacio said.

AG Camacho added: “I don’t want to understate just how much work has gone into this. Even over the last few months we’ve … they’ve continued to gather evidence and to collect additional evidence to strengthen the picture of what happened. Although they may have had suspicions, we needed to establish probable cause to get an arrest warrant.”

When asked whether Moore and Castro were friends and whether drugs were involved, AG Camacho said they cannot comment at this time.

Both the AG and the GPD Chief also said they cannot comment when asked about the manner of Castro’s death.

Camacho said they don’t know how long Moore was in Florida but he did disclose that the case was handled in the Northern District Court of Florida.