More Automated Phone Threats at Public Schools Thurs.


The Twitter account Evacuators2K16 took responsibility for Tuesday’s automated threats on Guam and have taken responsibility for shutting down schools in the U.K.

Guam – While most of the bomb threats today were written some of them were phoned in with automated messages. On Tuesday a twitter account called Evacuators2K16 took credit for calling in 3 threats and they promised to call in more.


 This new trend is far different from the written bomb threats of weeks past. On Tuesday a Twitter account named Evacuators2k16 with the Twitter handle ev4cuati0nsquad took credit for calling in three bomb threats one to Okkodo one to JFK and one to Inarajan Middle School. The interesting thing is that the Twitter account took credit for phoning in these threats before it was made public that those threats were phoned in. Prior to Tuesday the threats had all been written either on a piece of paper or on the walls.

 The ev4cuati0nsquad says they are an international group made up of 6 adult individuals. One claimed to be from Bosnia. They posted an email address that was based out of Russia and asked people to email them with places where they wanted them to phone in bomb scares.

 By Wednesday morning the Twitter account had been suspended and the Department of Homeland Security then confirmed that they were “tracking the Twitter account”.

 The ev4cuati0nsquad also took credit for bomb threats to public schools in the U.K. in fact on Tuesday the BBC reported that “thousands of pupils were evacuated as hoax bomb threats were made to 14 schools across England.” According to the BBC article (Schools across England evacuated over ‘bomb threats’) it was the ev4cuati0nsquad Twitter count that took credit for this.  

 The Department of Homeland Security says it has not verified whether the ev4cuati0nsquad is responsible for any of the Guam bomb threats. However they are asking the public to report any suspicious activities or suspicious social media accounts.