More details released in Tuesday incident at Naval Hospital Guam that closed gates for 1 hour

US Naval Hospital Guam (PNC file photo)

The U.S. Navy has released a few more details on an incident Tuesday that backed up traffic at the Naval Hospital and shut down access on the Navy Base as well.

In a statement to PNC News, Joint Region Marianas Public Affairs Officers Rick Moore, said at approximately 11:52 a.m. on Tuesday, access to Naval Base Guam was temporarily suspended after a driver attempted to enter the U.S. Naval Hospital main gate prior to receiving authorization from the guard.

It is standard procedure to shut down all gates to Naval Base installations in circumstances like this.

No further details were released on the unauthorized vehicle’s entrance or, if any further charges were pursued with the driver.

Gates at both NBG and the Hospital reopened about an hour later, at 1pm.

In the statement, Moore said “patrons accessing NBG installations are reminded to pay attention to the traffic pattern and posted signs, follow Security’s directions, stop at the Security sentry’s position, and proceed only when cleared by the sentry.”