More land cleared in Piti public cemetery


Over the past few days, the government of Guam has been clearing more land to make room in the island’s public cemetery in Piti.

While the idea of adding more burial plots in the Vincent Limtiaco Memorial Cemetery during the coronavirus outbreak has raised some concerns from the community, Department of Parks and Recreation Deputy Director Victor Villagomez says the cemetery is just going through routine expansion.

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“We’re just expanding because most of the time, when the rows start to fill up, we just clear as part of normal operations for future burials. It doesn’t mean we’re clearing for COVID. It’s part of routine expansion,” Villagomez said.

Villagomez adds that because of the economic strain due to the COVID outbreak, burial fees have been waived by the government.

He also says that if there is a need for more burial plots the department will work to meet that demand.