More Members Sign GVB’s Håfa Adai Pledge


Since 2009, over 630 members have joined the Håfa Adai Pledge Program. Today, GVB added 8 more members to the list.

Guam – The Guam Visitors Bureau held a special ceremony to recognize the new members, notably, the Agana Shopping Center, who renewed its original pledge after 7 years. Other new members include Jean’s Wearhouse, HDR, Inc., and Fizz & Co., who also provided refreshments for the event.


Agana Shopping Center Marketing Manager, Charles McJohn, and Fizz & Co. Owner, Leanne Crisostomo shared what the Håfa Adai Pledge means to them.

“We’re going on 40 years next year. So four decades, the Agana Shopping Center has been part of the business community, as well as a part of the local community,” McJohn said. “And the Chamorro culture is something that we’ve celebrated and we’ve exemplified here at the shopping center.”

“I promote all the local businesses, and I’m proud to say that, that I understand the struggle. And I’m here to support our economy,” expressed Crisostomo.

Businesses and organizations are free to join the program by visiting GVB’s website at