More potential candidates pick up packets from GEC

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

Guam – More potential candidates have picked up packets from the Guam Election Commission. Here is a look at who has announced they are running and who could be running for office in 2018.

The 2018 election cycle is a gubernatorial election and with it numerous gubernatorial teams have already announced their intentions to seek the highest elected office on Guam. So far, the Democratic ticket has the most candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor. Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio were the first to announce their candidacy for Governor and lt. Governor followed by Senator Frank Aguon Jr. and former Attorney General and U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco. Former Governor Carl Gutierrez and former Chief of Police Fred Bordallo then announced their intentions to run. Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. has said he will be running for governor but has yet to announce who his running mate will be.

As for the Republican ticket only, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio and former Senator Tony Ada have announced their bid for Adelup. However, a committee to elect former Senator Bob Klitzkie has picked up a packet for him to run for governor on the Republican ticket; however, Klitzkie said he was not interested in running for governor. Instead he says he will continue to speak out on issues affecting the island. Here is a look at the potential candidates for Guam’s Non-Voting Delegate to Congress, Attorney General and Guam Legislature.

Potential Candidates for Washington Delegate

Jonathan F.B. Diaz –  Washington Delegate (R)

Madeleine Bordallo – Washington Delegate (D)

Eric Lin – Washington Delegate (no party affiliation)


Potential Candidate for Attorney General

Jessica Barret – Attorney General


Potential Candidates for Senator

James Moylan – Senator (R)

Wil Castro – Senator (R)

Kate Baltazar – Senator (R)

Benito Servino – Senator (R)

Jack Hattig III – Senator (D)

Ellery Paz – Senator (R)

Joe S. San Augustin – Senator (D)

Catherine Leon Guerrero – Senator (D)

Julius Santos – Senator (R)

Adonis Mendiola – Senator (Yes)

Amanda Blas – Senator (R)

Louisa B. Muna – Senator (R)

Chris Dombrowski – Senator (D)

Mary Torres – Senator (R)

Adolpho Palacios Sr. – Senator (D)

Fred Bordallo – Senator (D)

Tina Muna Barnes – Senator (D)

Rory Respicio – Senator (D)

Jaydeen Delacruz – Senator (D)

Alfredo Antolin – Senator (R)

Javier Atalig – Senator (R)

Rikki Orsini – Senator (D)

Jose Terlaje – Senator (D)

Jose San Augustin – Senator (R)

Armando Dominguez – Senator (D)

Cel Babauta – Senator (D)

Raymond Laguana – Senator (D)

Regine Biscoe Lee – Senator (D)

Jermaine Alerta – Senator (D)

Mars Johnson – Senator (undeclared)

Jeffrey Wheaton – Senator (R)

Evangelis (Ivan) Babauta  – Senator (R)

Eduardo Leon Guerrero – Senator (D)

These are just the lists of those who have picked up candidate packets. Candidates will not be able to actually file their candidate packets with the GEC until April 17.