More than 200 have already applied for emergency rental assistance

Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff Alice Taijeron (PNC photo)

The Department of Administration opened applications for the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program this week and so far more than 200 have already applied.

The ERA program will provide residential renters impacted by COVID-19 with rent, rental arrears, utilities, and utility arrears assistance for up to 15 months.

The grant will not cover rent, rent arrears, utilities, or utility arrears prior to March 13, 2020. Tenant pre-applications will be accepted from March 3-19, 2021.

At the Homeless Interagency meeting Thursday, the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Alice Taijeron, says they’ve already received applications to the program. She says there are several ways to apply.

Tenant pre-application forms are available for download on the DOA website. Hard copies of the pre-application forms are also available for pickup at village mayors’ offices or the first floor of the ITC building.

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“We launched yesterday and as of today, there’s close to 200 applications received via online and via dropbox at the Department of Administration,” Taijeron said.

Taijeron also reported that the Guam Housing Corporation is seeking contractors to bid to renovate 25 homes in Lada Gardens, Dededo. Taijeron says that this bid takes into account ADA requirements so once renovated, the homes will be offered to individuals with disabilities.

Roy Gamboa of the Guam Clearinghouse also reported that they got approval for a $3 million Department of Interior grant to acquire and operate a permanent non-congregate shelter for Guam’s homeless population.

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“We have already begun the procurement process. Hopefully, we can get this building purchased and up and running in a couple of months,” Gamboa said.