Thousands of Marines and sailors on liberty on Guam

The NBG Front Gate (PNC file photo)

The next few days are expected to be busy ones at island shopping centers and restaurants.

More than 5,000 sailors and Marines will be on liberty from a task force of three military vessels that will be docking at Naval Station Guam.

One of the ships has already arrived with 300 Marines and 500 sailors aboard.

That will be followed by the largest ship carrying 2,200 Marines and a thousand sailors,

The last ship should be in port by the end of the week with another 800 Marines and 400 sailors.

Joint Region Marianas has not yet released details about the visiting vessels. The names of the ships and their exact time of arrival have not been disclosed.

However officials tell PNC News that over the next few days we can expect as many as 3,000 sailors and Marines on Liberty rotating throughout the day and night.