More Than a Thousand Runners Support Guam National Guard 5K


Guam – In celebration of its thirty-three years of service to the island and the nation, the Guam National Guard held its annual 5K Run/Walk event.  The course began and ended at the Guard’s Readiness Center in Barrigada. 

The toughness of the course was evident in the finishing times with the first runner and member of the Guam Army National Guard, Napu Castro, crossing the finish line in 17 minutes, 39 seconds.  Another Soldier, Eric Gatmen, crossed in 18 minutes and 24 seconds, good enough for second overall.  The first female to finish was Peri Bowman in a time of 20 minutes and 6 seconds.

[Runners take off at the start of the Guam National Guard 5K Run.  (Photo courtesy of Maj. Josephine Blas, PAO, Guam National Guard)  

Lt. Col. Esther Aguigui, who served as race director for this year’s event, was extremely happy with the turnout.  “I believe it was a huge hit.  With the slight change in the course, we were able to showcase our great facilities as well as host a top-notch race.”  She also extended her appreciation to those that were able to make it happen.  “We have great Soldiers and Airmen that stepped up to ensure the run was successful,” said Aguigui.

Over a thousand runners and walkers came out to participate and join our Soldiers, Airmen and family members take on the course.  The run, originally scheduled for July 12th, was postponed due to Tropical Storm Neoguri.   


[1st runner – Guam Army National Guard Soldier Napu Castro finishes first overall in the Guam National Guard 5K Run.  (Photo courtesy of Maj. Josephine Blas, PAO, Guam National Guard)]

The Guam Running Club reports the following Division winners:

Male Youth (13 years and under):          Female Youth (13 years and under):

Aeditya Rej Kumar (24:13)                         Zaria Fejeran (33:38)

Ryniel Diramos (24:33)                               Ikeda Mitsuki (40:12)

Jayson P. Blas (24:37)                                Cloe Aguon (40:31)

Male Junior (14-19 years old):                 Female Junior (14-19 years old):

David Sablan Jr (20:52)                              Mia Aquino (26:30)

Andrew Baranda (21:06)                            Keiha Yoo (26:49)

Takumi Ito (21:51)                                        Jameisha Lyn (29:23)

Male Open (20-29 years old):                   Female Open (20-29 years old):

Napu Castro (17:39)                                    Peri Bowman(20:06)

Eric Gatmen (18:24)                                    Melissa Santos (23:22)

Jeofry Limtiaco (18:41)                                Cecilia Leonen (24:26)

Male Submaster (30-39 years old):        Female Submaster (30-39 years old):

Steklachick Jr (20:48)                                  Jesse Santos (24:20)

Jason Young (21:08)                                  Christine Cruz (24:39)

Dario Garcia (21:39)                                    Kim Sweet (24:56)

Male Master (40-49 years old):                Female Master (40-49 years old):

Peter San Agustin (24:40)                          Lititia Shimizu (25:09)

Patrick Flores (25:20)                                  Eleonor Baldonado (27:42)

Keith Yoo (25:29)                                         Imelda Waldron (28:43)

Male Senior (50-59 years old):                Female Senior (50-59 years old):

Robert Bartonico (23:22)                            Heidi Ballendorf (25:35)

Ronnie G. Villanueva (24:07)                    MJ Wolborsky (25:36)

Steve Wolborsky (25:11)                             Sandra Q. Perez (30:53)

Male Grandmaster (60-69 years old):    Female Grandmaster (60-69 years):

Rolly Casison (29:12)                                 Bert Meno (39:19)

Jim Murphy (30:28)

Jung S. Kim (30:45)

Male Manamko (70 years and older):    Female Manamko (70 years & older):

Richard Harvey (23:45)                               Julia Mac Cabe (34:00)

Gaynell Marsh (37:07)

Van Mac Cabe (38:19)   


[Van and Julia Mac Cabe won medals in the Manamko division – for runners over the age of 70 years old – of the Guam National Guard 5K Run.  (Photo courtesy of Maj. Josephine Blas, PAO, Guam National Guard)]