Morrison Declares He’s in the Running for Senate Seat in Guam Legislature


Guam – Another candidate has thrown his hat in the ring for the Guam Legislature. Tommy Morrison issued a release today saying he has decided to run for the Legislature, on the republican ticket, rather than for Mayor of his home village of Umatac.


READ Morrison’s release in FULL below:

BSP Director rescinds Bid for Umatac Mayor

May 26, 2012

Umatac, Guam.  Tommy Morrison held a campaign kick-off today in his hometown village of Umatac to announce that he is rescinding his bid to run for Umatac Mayor and will run instead for a seat in the Guam Legislature.

“Over the past six months, I have been committed to running for Mayor in the village of Umatac. The major issues in my village reflect the issues that affect our island as whole – unemployment, the rising cost of living, the need for better paying jobs, and the negative impact of substance abuse which has led to the deterioration of family values,” Morrison said.

According to Morrison the recurring feedback he received from villagers and island leaders was that he could make a much larger impact for his village and the entire island by running as a senator. “At first I ignored this recommendation, but elders and leaders have persisted that the real difference can be made at the Guam Legislature. I have taken this advice to heart, and I’m running for Senator.”

Tommy Morrison graduated from the University of Guam receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and has extensive experience in government leadership and public policy. He was a Research Assistant for then – Senator Kaleo Moylan and has served as the Director of Parks & Recreation, Executive Director of the Guam Contractor’s License Board, and presently serving as the Director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans.  He has multiple accomplishments in the baseball and football community on Guam.

“I believe my leadership experience in government will allow me to focus on issues that affect the common family on Guam. Guam voters are looking for fresh ideas and new leaders. I’m stepping up to this call,” Morrison said.