Most GDOE Parents Want All Schools Released on May 17


That’s the preliminary results of a parent survey recently conducted by GDOE.

Guam – The Guam Department of Education parents have spoken and based on preliminary results from a survey, most of them support releasing all schools two days earlier for Fest Pac.


GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says in the past couple of weeks, the department has been conducting random parent surveys. Based on preliminary results, the parents, aligning with the Guam Federation of Teachers’ position, are for closing all schools on May 17th instead of the current last day of school set for May 20th. Fernandez initially asked the board to release the eight schools that will be housing Fest Pac delegates on May 17th, which gives the department two extra days to prepare the campuses. Those eight schools are: Agueda Johnston, Astumbo Middle, JFK, Okkodo High, Jose Rios Middle, Southern High, Tiyan High, and Untalan Middle. However, the question transitioned from releasing the eight schools early to now releasing all the schools early. Two weeks ago, the board tabled the decision at their last board meeting. Fernandez hopes that by getting parent and teacher input, it’ll help the board with their decision. He advises the board to make a decision soon because he pointed out several times that preparing 270 classrooms to house delegates would be impossible if the eight schools are not released on May 17th.

Fernandez says, “We’ll be able to see what parents are saying in a statistically valid way. I’ll present that information to the board for a final decision. I think the decision is between releasing the eight schools two days early or releasing all schools two days earlier. I know GFT asked for an earlier release and we supported that in part. Now that we have the parent input, I think the board will feel more informed when they make that final vote.”The Guam Education Board will hold the special meeting tomorrow at 6 pm.

The Guam Education Board will hold the special meeting tomorrow at 6 pm.