GPD Chief says ranks interested in getting vaccine; up to 75% of Guam firefighters ready to be inoculated

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. (Moderna photo )

As production and administration of COVID-19 vaccines begin to ramp up around the world, many still express concerns about their safety given the accelerated process under which they were developed.

Frontline workers — as well as those from vulnerable populations such as the elderly — will be prioritized to receive the vaccines when they arrive on Guam later this month.

The vaccines, however, are not mandatory. Polling among Guam’s medical workers — the first frontline workers to receive it — has shown about 70% of them plan to accept the vaccine.

But what about other frontline workers?

PNC News spoke with the heads of both the Guam Police Department and the Guam Fire Department to ask about the feedback they’ve gotten from their organizations.

GPD chief Steve Ignacio says although a formal survey hasn’t been conducted yet in the department, he and his staff were planning to address the matter in their next meeting. He did say that so far, he has yet to hear any skepticism about the vaccine from the police force.

GFD chief Daniel Stone says about 75% of the uniformed personnel in the fire department say they plan to accept the vaccine. Among those who said they don’t plan to do so, Stone said it was common for them to say that they wanted to wait and see how the effects of the vaccine turn out.

Both Stone and Ignacio said they plan to take the vaccine.