Mother and stepfather accused of sexual assault by their now adult daughter

Natasha Renee Quitugua Peters and her husband Duayne Richard Peters were arrested on allegations that the couple raped their child since the minor was about 11 years old.

Two parents, a mother and her husband, have been arrested and charged with sexual assault over the weekend.

According to a Guam Police Department release, in March 2019, an adult female filed a Criminal Sexual Assault complaint, saying she’d been sexually assaulted by her stepfather and her mother, while she was in middle school and high school.

GPD’s Domestic Assault Response Team took over the investigation and worked to track down the stepfather, who’d been living in Saipan.

After making arrangements with Homeland Security, Guam Police detectives arrested the stepfather this weekend at the Guam Airport, when he arrived here Saturday February 15.

The parents are identified as Natasha Quitugua Peters and Duayne Peters. Both are facing sexual assault and child abuse charges.

In a release, Guam Police say both Duayne and Natasha were booked and confined at the Department of Corrections.

The case is now at the Attorney General’s office for prosecution.