Mother-daughter team seeks devices for students’ online learning use


A mother-daughter duo are helping students in need of computers and tablets for online home learning

Since the switch to online learning only, some students have been having difficulties with this home-based program. Jennifer Roberto, a senior at Tiyan High School, wanted to do something for those students and with the help of her mom, Darlene Roberto, they came up with “Device Drive,” which seeks new or used laptops, desktops, tablets or phones for students’ online learning use.

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“Right now, we only have three donations. At first, when we posted it, I was just telling my friends to post it in their group chats and such. Just three devices right now, but you know, it’s still something. And my goal right now is 10 devices for at least 10 students. So it’s going pretty well so far. People are like sharing it on Facebook, sending it on group chats, all that stuff,” Jennifer Roberto said.

Darlene Roberto, who is also the assistant principal of Southern High School, talks highly of her daughter, Jennifer, knowing what she is capable of. And she loves her daughter’s new project.

“I just want to support her in what she does. At first,  I was really scared that people were going to give us junk. But my daughter encouraged me and said ‘ let’s just try mom and see what will happen and how people will respond to this drive.’ So I’m really proud of her and her endeavours and I support her in whatever she wants to do and as long as she does it in a safe, I’m all for it,” Darlene Roberto said.

Since the post, they’re happy that it’s being shared islandwide. They have also been receiving emails from people asking if they can be recipients of the devices and others offering free services to help repair the devices if needed.

You can find the post on their social media handles and if you have any working devices that are in good to great condition, their contact information is on the post as well.