Mother Dawn says life was threatened after she dropped Apuron bombshell


Mother Dawn Marie Tuesday revealed that Archbishop Apuron asked the carmelite nuns to lie.

Guam – Mother Prioress Dawn Marie confirms that there was a plot against her life after she dropped a bombshell on Archbishop Anthony Apuron.


Mother Dawn Marie revealed yesterday that she, on behalf of the Carmelite Order, was the anonymous donor of $2 million dollars to the Archdiocese back in 2003. The purpose of the donation was to pay off a loan for the acquisition of the Yona property.


Mother Dawn Marie says Archbishop Apuron pressured the Carmelite Order to lie about the what the donation was intended for. The Carmelite Order, she notes, never intended for the seminary to be run as a seminary under the Neocatechumenal Way.


On News Talk K57’s Mornings with Patti, Mother Dawn said she had received word that there is a credible threat against her life.


“I had people call me last night volunteering to be body guards and what have you,” she said. “But I had no fear in [revealing Apuron’s lie] because there’s nothing wrong with it and I wouldn’t stir up all kinds of problems unnecessarily.”


Mother Dawn Marie left island this morning.