‘Moylan, Ada, Duenas have missed the bus — Guam is already moving’


The Office of the Governor issues the following statement regarding the introduction of bills that attempt to re-authorize the use of federal funds:

“All the programs introduced by Senators Moylan, Ada, and Duenas are already in place.

Not once did the sponsoring senators pick up the phone to discuss their ideas and work to find common ground. Contrary to what these authors say, they do not actually want to work together. They have not considered the work that is currently being done by this Administration to help our people. They have not consulted with identified agencies on these initiatives. Quite frankly these bills are about politics, not progress.

Our Administration has been very clear about the priorities for the funding authorized under the American Rescue Plan—getting money into the hands of our people, helping small businesses and nonprofits keep their doors open, and building a new hospital—initiatives we are already working on. These senators seem to have taken notes during the State of the Island and added their own titles.”