Moylan: Adelup can use ARP money for All RISE payments

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan said the administration can use funds from the American Rescue Plan to pay for the All RISE program.

In a letter to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, Moylan said he was invited by Congressman Michael San Nicolas to participate in the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Recovery Programs virtual briefing, which took place early Thursday morning.

The objective of the discussions was a program overview on the implementation and spending guidelines of the funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP). While the gist of the briefing was aimed at the reporting aspect from the spending, Moylan said one thing that was evidently clear was that the Government of Guam can use the ARP proceeds to pay the All RISE Act.

“The briefing outlined what has been expressed on many occasions since the ARP was enacted on where those federal funds can be expended, and ‘Economic Hardship’ was clearly expressed. This primarily includes supporting families through a period of financial struggles, and the Rise Act is certainly one approach. The ARP funds have been sitting in the government of Guam’s accounts for quite some time now, as many residents continue to struggle in finding ways to make ends meet. While the Rise Act may not solve all the problems of every family on the island, it is a start and for many, it will provide some relief,” the senator said.

Along with paying for the All RISE program using the ARP funds, Moylan also requested once again for a reconsideration of the requirements of the program.

“Please either eliminate the application process or simply the needed documents for qualified applicants. Why are we intending to eliminate potential recipients from receiving the funds? Simply signing an Executive Order (EO) to modify the program would assist hundreds of families in accessing the monies which would pay many bills, place additional food on dinner tables, and even help stimulate our economy,” the senator said.

While listening to the Treasury briefing, Moylan said it was also evidently clear that other provisions of his Let’s Get Guam Moving Initiatives, which the senator introduced in March along with Senators Tony Ada and Chris Duenas, also qualify as programs that can be funded by the ARP.

“I will save that request for another letter on another day, but as of this point, I simply ask you … Governor, please immediately begin the process to pay the proceeds from the Rise Act,” Moylan said.