Moylan asks governor for special session to address nearly 700 pending contractors licenses

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan has asked Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to consider asking for a special session on a bill that the senator is drafting that would addressing the concerns on the nearly 700 licenses, inclusive of renewals that are in a standstill with the Guam Contractors License Board (GCLB), because the board has been unable to attain a quorum.

Without the issuance of a license, Moylan said these businesses are unable to proceed with their objectives, hence creating economic deficiencies, as projects would result in jobs, retail sales and new tax dollars.

While the GCLB executive director has indicated that a board meeting is being scheduled for the end of the month, with just four members presently on the board, Moylan said there are possibilities that a lack of a quorum may further prevent these entities from securing their licenses.

“Therefore it is vital that a business-friendly policy be immediately enacted to ensure that those applicants who have completed all the needed requirements, have paid their requisite fees, and have not been cited with a violation in the past, be issued a temporary license by the Executive Director of the Guam Contractors License Board,” the senator said.

He added that his office has already drafted legislation that could immediately address this problem. The still unnumbered bill gives GCLB the authorization to issue temporary licenses.

“If you believe that this is the ideal route to take, we will immediately introduce the measure. However, because this is a time sensitive matter which requires all of our devoted attention and action, we humbly request that you consider your authority pursuant to Section 1423h of the Organic Act of Guam to call I Liheslaturan Guåhan into a special session for the sole purpose of considering the attached proposed bill,” Moyan said.

He added: “However if your office believes that this issue can be rectified via an Executive Order, with the consideration of a course of action similar to the language in the proposed legislation, then we will respectfully heed the lead to you. We believe that because of the urgency of the matter, that any approach that will result in addressing this pressing issue in an expeditious manner would be beneficial for licensees, the community and
the economy.”