Moylan calls for DOC state of emergency

Senator James Moylan (file photo)

Senator James Moylan has asked Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero to declare a state of emergency at the Department of Corrections.

Moylan also asked the governor to call for a special session so that the Legislature can address his two bills pertaining to DOC.

These are:

* Bill 245-35 which provides the Director of the Department of Administration the authority to amend certain personnel rules when it comes to providing specific public safety agencies; and

* Bill 247-35 which amends the current law on emergency expenses to increase the maximum general fund transfer amount from $250,000 to $500,000.

According to Moylan, both bills are critical at this juncture, and if enacted would provide both long-term and short-term relief to the Department of Corrections.

“Bill 247-35 would provide you with the authority to transfer additional funds if you were to declare a State of Emergency at DOC. These are monies which would not only allow the immediate procurement of communication devices but also provide additional support to assure the safety of the officers, which in essence should be the top priority,” Moylan stated in a letter to the governor.

He added: “This would also provide both your office and the Guam Legislature some additional time to work on long term solutions. With this in mind, we would like to request your consideration to determine these two bills an emergency, and to call for a Special Session for the 35th Guam Legislature so that we can address these measures immediately.”

According to Moylan, declaring a state of emergency would allow the immediate procurement of the necessary supplies and by activating the National Guard, DOC would have the additional support for its officers when it comes to safety.


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