Moylan decries failure of executive security, municipal police amendments

Sen. James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan has issued a statement deploring the failure of his amendments to shift the cost of executive security and fund the municipal police division.

Moylan’s amendment to Bill 186-35, the budget bill, would have prevented the Guam Police Department (GPD) from using its budget to fund the executive security for the governor.

While recognizing the importance of security and assuring the governor is protected, Moylan said his amendment merely stipulates that executive security be funded by the budget of the Office of the Governor. This would then allow GPD to free up officers assigned to executive security and allow them to add to the existing police force in protecting all island residents.

Moylan also introduced an amendment to fund the Municipal Police Division (MPD) of the Guam Police Department but this, too, failed, garnering only four votes. The MPD focuses on community-based policing and would allow the presence of police officers who would be stationed in the villages.

The amendment compliments Bill 100-35, which Moylan introduced several months ago, and which, the senator said, continues to sit in a standing committee.

Despite the failure of the amendment, Moylan said he remains committed to lobbying for the successful passage of Bill 100-35, so that community-based policing would be a reality.