Moylan expresses concerns over October session

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan has expressed concerns over the just concluded October session of the Guam Legislature.

In a statement, Moylan said the Legislature finalized the October session this afternoon but unfortunately did not address many of the critical needs that the community expects as the island endures this pandemic.

“While I commend some of the measures we discussed and voted on, including the expansion of the Guam Apprenticeship Program (Bill 287-35), the enhancement in the repairs of the Harmon Industrial Park Roadway (Bill 298-35), and the increase of the maximum liability of the Government of Guam (Bill 215-35), there were no real efforts to diversify our economy, address job creation, or even proposals to manage this crisis,” the Republican senator said.

Moylan said he was further surprised that none of the measures which he introduced to address economic diversification or helping small businesses made the agenda. This despite public hearings taking place back in 2019 and committee reports being finalized.

“It is unfortunate that politics precedes priorities, especially at a time when our community needs to place economics on the table. As for Bill 372-35, which proposes to create a Task Force to explore the feasibility in the possibility of obtaining Parametric Insurance for the Reef and Beach of Tumon Bay, while I certainly have no issues with measures addressing the strengthening of our environmental laws, I do have respect for the priorities of this legislature. This Task Force could have easily been established through an Executive Order yet was expedited through this session as if it were critical,” Moylan said.

At a time when unemployment numbers are at a record high and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is set to expire in less than 75 days, Moylan said it is unfortunate that a task force to discuss insuring the reefs takes precedence in the halls of the Guam Legislature over discussions to ensure the revival of the economy and employment for the people.

“Therefore, I voted no on Bill 372-35,” Moylan said.