Moylan family shares their Christmas traditions


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Moylan family residence. 

Guam – There’s no place like home for the holidays, and for the Moylan residence, family certainly served as an inspiration behind the many Christmas traditions they enjoy.

Families prepare for the most wonderful time of the year stringing Christmas lights, decorating the tree, and spending much-needed time with loved ones. But perhaps no one decks the halls with boughs of holly better than Jesrae Moylan who says family was the inspiration behind her impressive Christmas décor.

“Growing up, I kind of feel that your childhood is what inspires you to become who you are. So I just feel that being a mom, this is my job and I want to make it as special as I can for any holiday that we have,” she said.

The tree is a 12 foot beauty and is definitely sight to behold upon arrival, but there’s not just one, but four –yes four trees at the Moylans. Yet, it’s not just excess that Jesrae Moylan is after, but rather, a special meaning behind the additional number of trees.

“My favorite would have to be, I call it our ‘everything tree’. It’s kind of comprised of our ornaments that we handpicked throughout the years. Just our personalized family ornaments, just everything meaningful to each one of my family members so that would have to be my favorite tree,” she said.

Family certainly takes center stage at the Moylans and Jesrae Moylan says it was becoming a mother that served as inspiration for making the holidays a memorable one.

“I would have to say it was the year that I was pregnant with my son. That was in 2010, so the year after, I was just so excited to be a mom and decorating just got bigger in my house. And then when I had him it just got bigger and then I had two kids and it’s even bigger. They’re the inspiration behind why I do all of this. It just makes us happy, I mean, you walk in here and you can’t help but feel happy. It’s very spirited,” she added.  


This year’s theme was a “Disney Christmas”, created with her children in mind. Monogrammed gifts or hidden family initials are added here and there throughout the décor, for a personalized touch. And Jesrae Moylan says she and her husband do it all for their kids.