Moylan in natural resources committee


Congressman James Moylan was selected to serve on the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) and the House Natural Resources Committee (HNRC) as announced this morning, which could have a big impact on Guam as both committees address relevant issues to the island.

The Delegate would also have a vote in each committee. To this, Moylan said that he was excited about the selection, as it provides additional venues for networking to advocate for the issues Guam faces and since group members have a vote, it also increases leverage.

The process for selection has been ongoing since before Moylan’s inauguration, as he had to provide a priority list on the committees, which included HASC, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs and Small Business, among others.

“We are excited about the selection, as being a member of these committees would provide us additional leverage when it comes to advocating issues important for Guam. HASC not only plays a critical role in creating economic activity for our island but is also vital for the defense of Guam and our nation. With HNRC we will be focusing on issues that support the territories, inclusive of our fisheries, irrigation, and land. This is a huge win for Guam” said the Congressman.

The Delegate, who has been on island for the past week, also announced during an interview with K57’s Patti Arroyo that he will have a meeting with the Governor this week to talk about this selection and the natural resources of the island.