Moylan: No politics in Adelup-related bills

Sen. James Moylan (PNC photo)

Republican senator James Moylan said the four Adelup-related bills he filed recently were not politically motivated.

“My objectives in introducing these measures were not about politics, but it was about spending taxpayer dollars responsibly,” Moylan said in a statement.

He added that passing these bills will impact future governors, regardless of their political party affiliation.

“I supported the idea in 2018 when a Democratic majority imposed spending sanctions on a Republican administration. I am hopeful that the current majority, most of whom supported the same measures upon the previous Republican Governor, will support me in avoiding politics and doing the same, regardless of the party change in Adelup,” the senator said.

On Monday, Moylan introduced bills related to executive department operations and transferring funding for deputy directors, executive security, and Washington liaison to the governor’s budget.

The governor has since taken exception to the bills, saying that deputy directors and the Washington D.C. liaison are important to the government of Guam.

Moylan said he recognizes the governor’s concerns on the four measures he introduced to initiate the process of reducing government spending.

“However, we want to reassure her that none of the bills prevent the administration from hiring a deputy director, a liaison to Washington D.C., or executive security, provided that these positions are funded from her own budget,” Moylan said.

The senator also pointed out that the bills he introduced are not new concepts.

“As a matter of fact, a similar measure that prohibits the funding of deputy directors was introduced in the previous legislature. It was unfortunate that it was deemed inorganic by the former Attorney General. To add to this, the Chief Executive’s Transition Team also made a similar recommendation in their transition report, as they too recognized the need to control spending,” Moylan said.