Moylan on ARP money for the mayors: Governor, thank you for listening!

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

Senator James Moylan on Wednesday thanked Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero for committing to support the island’s mayors and give them money from the American Rescue Plan fund.

“I would like to thank Governor Lou Leon Guerrero for taking the time to listen to a virtual discussion, which our office coordinated on Tuesday afternoon between Congressman Michael San Nicolas and the Mayors Council of Guam President, Mayor Jesse Alig. The conversation was on the American Rescue Plan funds, and the over $30 million allotted for municipal funding,” Moylan said in statement sent to the media.

On September 9, 2021, after a meeting with Congressman San Nicolas, Moylan’s office reached out to MCOG President Alig to discuss the issue, and inquire if the Governor’s office reached out to the Mayors Council of Guam to commit any of the funds from the ARP.

“Since we did not learn of any action, we requested to coordinate this virtual discussion, so we can work collectively to discuss the next steps in the process. We were however pleased to learn today, after listening to the virtual discussion coordinated on Tuesday, that Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has now committed to supporting the municipal offices with their vital needs,” Moylan said.

Whether it is to support the Sinajana Mayor’s Office on issues associated with our manåmko’, the Dededo Mayor’s office with concerns on homelessness or even infrastructure issues down south, Moylan said that thanks to conversations with Congressman San Nicolas and President Alig, there now seems to be some traction.

“All we ask is that in lieu of words, the Governor presents a plan, pursues some real action, and to do so immediately. The people of Guam are tired of political games, and expect, rather demand, some action. It shouldn’t take virtual discussions on moving things forward for the administration to act,” the senator said.

He added: “I appreciate the participation of Congressman San Nicolas and President Alig, and am committed to working with all elected officials, on either side of the political aisle, to set the process for economic recovery. All I ask is that we work together and be more transparent. Governor, thank you for listening. Let’s Get Guam Moving!”



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