Moylan wants more details on governor’s plans

Senator James Moylan (file photo)

Republican senator James Moylan, reacting to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero’s State of the Island address Monday night, said he wanted more details from the governor on how her administration will deliver on the promises she made.

“I was certainly looking forward to a more comprehensive plan on public safety, and not just on the series of bills that she introduced earlier in the year,” Moylan said in a statement released to the media.

Moylan said that while it is easy to say that the administration wants to hire 100 new police officers, his discussions with stakeholders have revealed that there are many administrative policy gaps that need to be addressed.

“Stakeholders have repeatedly asked my office to address the hiring process and the recruitment phase. As a result, our office worked on a comprehensive plan. We released the plan and we hope to work with her administration on successful implementation,” Moylan said.

The senator also expressed concern about the “gross lack of substantial planning” for the protection of current economic opportunities and the development of future ones.

“The governor stated that she cut taxes for small businesses, but many small entities have shared beliefs contrary to her statement, and further stated that many small businesses are hurting, well before the emergence of the Novel Coronavirus. I was hoping that she would announce a reduction in the business privilege taxes, given the efforts that she touted in her administration’s aggressive efforts with both DRT and the Office of the Attorney General, with collecting long awaiting taxes. If we are going state that this administration is truly focused on helping small businesses, then let’s place some priorities on that with sound plans,” the senator said.

While the governor spoke of financial stability and environmental stewardship, Moylan said the details she shared seemed to be exploratory at best and lacking comprehensive and concrete solutions to these real problems our island is facing.

“For example, she spoke of achieving fiscal savings, yet failed to mention the growing number of unpaid vendors and lack of supplies at entities like DOE, leaving the situation to continue to fester. I was hoping that some credit would be provided to the previous administration for some of the accomplishments her administration has realized today, including the genesis of when some of the officers who graduated recently were initially selected,” the senator said.

Moylan also said he was a bit disappointed that there were no discussions on the conditions of Guam’s roads and infrastructure needs. “For example, we need more focus and priorities with road repairs along with what our schools need. Southern High School needs a workable auditorium and other schools like BMS need awnings. Let’s help them,” the senator said.