Moylan proposes a bill establishing a One-Stop Center under DRT



Guam – While Guam does have a One-Stop license and permit center, many business owners who traveled down to the satellite location in Upper Tumon found that it is not really what it is touted to be. Instead, the application requires several trips to other agencies before the process is completed at the One Stop Center.

If you have ever applied to open a business or are a current business owner, then you would have paid a visit to the One Stop Center at the Department of Public Works. And while you may have thought this was going to be the only stop on the road to becoming a business owner, you quickly found out that the name “One Stop Center” was misleading as the agencies that are housed in the center are open only during certain days and hours.

“It’s tough trying to get your business going and getting permits and then to go through all this loopholes. It just makes it all difficult and time is money for businesses and we know we want Guam to be a business friendly environment by helping the business folks we are going to grow our tax base it’s going to generate revenue,” Sen. James Moylan said.

“Well we know that you have to go to several places and things aren’t really in sequence, you may got this permit cleared and that permit cleared or that process cleared and then all of a sudden now you have to go back to let’s say Parks and Recreation for an additional permit or Department of Revenue and Taxation for another permit. So it’s not really a good flow or sequence.”

Moylan said a permanent One-Stop center will remedy this and move it from its current location at Department of Public Works.

“This time we are focusing it at the Department of Revenue and Taxation rather than the Department of Public Works because we feel that Revenue and Taxation (is) the revenue generating agency and they have the licenses and they can also take away the licenses from you to. So this time, we want to work with DRT. We know this is going to be a long process. It’s going to require memorandums of understanding. It’s going to require more technology and possibly more manpower,” Moylan added.

Moylan has introduced a bill that intends on having a permanent One Stop Center in operation by April 2020. The deadline will provide DRT with the ability to access what is needed to make a One Stop center functional and efficient.

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