Moylan: Residents worried over public safety

Sen. James Moylan (PNC photo)

Sen. James Moylan spoke to the Mayors Council of Guam yesterday about his ongoing series of forums on public safety issues.

Moylan spoke about the feedback he’s been getting at the three forums that he has held in Yigo, Piti, and Asan.

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“They’re upset. And their passions come out. We’ve even had folks taking pictures of different things going on in their neighborhoods. They’re mad, not to the point of screaming, but they’re very upset. They want more presence of police. They want more action. They want to be able to pick up the phone and the cops will be there as soon as possible,” the senator said.

Moylan has introduced a number of public safety bills including mandatory electronic monitoring for accused sex offenders on probation or parole. He also introduced a measure that proposes using 1% of the BPT to fund the costs of hiring new police officers.