Moylan to push for relief measures to be included in session agenda

Senator James Moylan (PNC file photo)

As the 35th Guam Legislature prepares for a Special Session called by the Speaker for Tuesday, March 30, 2020, Senator James Moylan is preparing to request for several of his recently introduced measures to be considered as an “emergency” to be qualified to make the agenda.

These measures have a direct impact with the business community, public safety, and the island community in general. The bills and their brief summaries are as follows:

BILL 311-35: This legislation was introduced prior to the pandemic reaching our shores, and proposes a temporary reduction of the Business Privilege Tax (BPT) by 1 point and amends the thresholds of the Dave Santos Act. The proposal was a proactive measure as the economic conditions started dwindling with jobs being impacted since the start of the new year. Unfortunately, the situation has gotten much worse and with uncertainties present, the legislation needs to be passed now more than ever. The legislation has been heavily supported by the private sector, as it addresses concerns outlined in a recent survey conducted by the Guam Chamber of Commerce.

BILL 318-35: This legislation proposes to reduce the Liquid Fuel Tax (LFT) to the levies prior to 2018, and is intended to provide island residents some relief at the gas pumps. With the economic conditions impacting many jobs, now more than ever our community needs help with the cost of goods, and gasoline is indeed a critical commodity.

BILL 264-35: This legislation proposes to authorize the Customs and Quarantine Agency to manage their hazardous pay internally, as the Guam Police Department presently does. This would allow the agency to maintain its adequate manpower in protecting our borders, by providing the officers hazardous pay based on a determination made by their leadership and not by a third party.

“There are many great ideas being placed on the table to help island residents during this tumultuous time, and I certainly hope that these bills will make the agenda for discussion as well. All three measures are attaining some great responses from my colleagues, and there are commitments that politics will be replaced by logic during session, and for that I am optimistic.”, stated Senator Moylan.