Moylan to Speaker: ‘I’m disappointed in your response’

Sen. James Moylan (PNC photo)

Senator James Moylan is disappointed with Speaker Tina Muna-Barnes response to his request for an emergency session on Bill 424-35 — a measure that he recently introduced.

The Speaker turned down a request from Moylan to convene an emergency session for the bill.

Under the proposed legislation — the Legislature has to approve any order, regulatory statutes, and regulations issued by the Governor during a state of public health emergency.

Moylan introduced the measure in response to the Governor’s EO 2020-38, which proposes to bypass the Administrative Adjudication Act to create policies associated with establishing penalties, curfew statutes, and other mandates.

The senator raised concerns over the disconnect between the Executive branch and the Guam Legislature.

According to Moylan, “the issue on hand is not “just” about the pandemic, as there are many ways that the Executive Branch could have worked with the Guam Legislature over the months.”

“Many of our colleagues have expressed on more than one occasion, their disappointment in the disconnect that has existed in terms of the delivery of information and dialogue (or rather lack of) from the front office.  This was made noticeably clear during the budget discussions in August.  While we all differ in the approach, I stand united with you and the 13 other Senators in the understanding that our branch must do more to curtail this spread of this virus,” he said.

He said the issue on hand is about the sanctity of the legislative process. According to Moylan, the Governor’s most recent EO  ‘provided a subliminal message from the Executive Branch, the Legislature is no longer needed in the manner of governance.

“In summary, I do appreciate your timely response, and while I disagree with it, I recognize it is your authority.  I would certainly hope that you reconsider my request over this weekend, because if the actions of the Governor become the new law of the land, then I certainly hope to attain your support in expediting my Bill 265-35 on the agenda before the end of this term.  This is the measure to create a Part-Time Legislature,” Moylan said.