Moylan warns about raising ‘false hopes’ of war claims payments by end of January

Senator James Moylan (file photo)

Senator James Moylan has issued a release warning the administration about raising “false hopes” among the island’s war survivors.

In the release, the senator encouraged Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and other sponsors of the recently enacted local war claims legislation to heed caution in making statements associated with the timelines “of when, or even if, our manamko will be receiving their war claims checks.”

Unless a Memorandum of Understanding has been finalized, or the executive branch has timelines of when it will be accomplished, Moylan said making declarations that claims will be paid “starting at the end of January,” is essentially providing a sense of false hope to war survivors.

“It is already unfortunate that many of our elders assume that the enactment of this new law guarantees payment, with some anticipating checks in the mail within the coming days. We need to be cautious in sending out these ‘smoke and mirror’ assumptions, and present the true picture … of what allows for the claims process to be initiated, and what obstacles actually exist,” Moylan said.

He added: “Likewise, if we don’t have any specific timelines on when the checks will be available, let’s be sincere in making that clarification. Anything else would be sending our manamko, and the community in general, a sense of false hope.”