MRE denounces Guam Power’s opposition to Bill 219


Micronesia Renewable Energy has criticized the Guam Power Authority’s opposition to Bill 219-35.

The bill will allow the Guam Department of Education and other educational institutions to enter into a solar agreement with a qualified provider.

“In the 11th hour, the Guam Power Authority and Consolidated Commission on Utilities are putting tremendous pressure on the 35th Guam Legislature not to pass Bill 219-35 (COR),” said Joe Rosario, MRE business development director.

He pointed out that Bill 219 is an offshoot of the original bill that was passed into law by the 32nd Guam Legislature. PL 75-32, authored by Speaker Judi Won Pat, gave GDOE the authority to engage in solar agreements with the intention to save money on energy.

“Seven years later, there’s no solar on GDOE because of technicalities in the law. The opportunity costs for GDOE is approximately $40 million in savings. The question is where was GPA in the past 7 years when GDOE really needed the support to reduce its energy costs to save money?” Rosario said.

He added: “Fast forward to today. With technical corrections to the law, Bill 219 has a high likelihood to pass and be signed into law. Next year, GDOE can begin procurement and execute a contract with a qualified solar provider. GPA recognized this and developed a strategy to prevent the bill from moving forward. Shameful!”