Msgr. Leon Guerrero named in latest sex abuse complaint


The alleged abuse happened at the Nino Perdido y Sagrada Familia Church in Asan.

Guam – Yet another sex abuse lawsuit has been filed against the Archdiocese of Agana, naming a new priest for the first time, Msgr. Jose Ada Leon Guerrero, as the alleged perpetrator.

The complaint was filed by 57-year-old C.M.V. who says the now deceased priest molested him for a period of nearly five years starting from the age of 9.

The victim was born with congenital achondroplasia, a condition more commonly referred to as dwarfism.

The alleged abuse happened at the living quarters of the Asan Parish where the victim says Msgr. Leon Guerrero would bribe him with gifts. For several years, C.M.V. says Leon Guerrero sexually molested him until the final year when he raped him at the age of 13.

As a result of the “pain, humiliation and embarrassment,” C.M.V. quit serving as an altar boy.

He is represented by Attorney David Lujan and like many of Lujan’s clients, is also seeking $5 million in damages.